warli mapWarli art originates from an indigenous tribe living in mountains and coastal areas of the Maharashtra-Gujarat border in India.

Everything about Warli is earthy and soothing. It takes you back to the painting’s provenance where you could almost smell the wet soil, feel the touch of the calloused hand that painted the background and admire meticulous brush stroke of the rural artist who created the master piece. Warli paintings succeed in adding elegance to a rural hut or a five star hotel lobby with the same charm.

We do not sell prints - just affordable original works of art that will equally grace your home or office, hotel lobby or board room.

Our original paintings look even better when purchased and hung as a pair therefore please see all our shop listings and look to add a pair of matching paintings to your purchase.

Money from all our shop sales goes directly to help the talented artisans and their families from rual India. So not only are you getting modern, unique, original and innovative products from Tribal-craft, but you are also helping indiguous communities and people from tribes with every purchase - and thats our pledge!

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